Moneybox case / Kids piggy bank


Suitcase moneybox/Kids piggy bank

Saving money is fun and informative. Sometimes it's quite surprising how fast you can save up a nice amount of money without noticing. You can of course buy this kids piggy bank for young adventures, so they learn that using that method and a little patience they can save up to get nice presents. But perhaps you have a saving goal and you use this suitcase moneybox accordingly. An extra nice excursion during holidays?

Order the suitcase moneybox now in our wholesale

This suitcase moneybox from our wholesale is of course also very decorative and because of that you will always be able to find a nice place for it. It doesn't only give a nice touch to your living room, but you can of course also give the suitcase moneybox a place of honour in your bedroom or hallway. This kids piggy bank can also be put in the room of your child. Young savers will appreciate this and thereby feel even more responsible. The kids piggy bank is made of ceramic and gives a clear sound when some extra coins are deposit. And of course this piggy bank will give a hopeful sound when you rattle it.

Specifications of the suitcase moneybox from our wholesale

Do you want to save up for a specific goal or do you want to learn to manage money in a proper way? In that case is this suitcase moneybox a very good option. Especially for everybody who love travelling this has a really good design. Also adults will smile if they put the saved up money of that day, week or month in this piggy bank. The specifications down below:

  • In the shape of a suitcase
  • 14 x 6 x 13 cm
  • Available in red
  • Trendy design with travel stickers
  • Made of ceramic
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