Moneybox ingot / children's piggy bank


Ingot moneybox / children's piggy bank

This children’s piggy bank will be an eye catcher. You don’t see a golden ingot that often. This fun model also has a more serious background. In this time of overconsumption and borrowing money it is good that you learn your children that saving up money is a serious option to get nice surprises. You could even make a competition of who can handle best his/her money. And of course every saver has a reward when the piggy bank is opened. The most fun is to save up with a goal so you can save up until you reach a certain amount.

Order the ingot moneybox now in our wholesale

Of course this money box is very suitable as a present. Original, useful and always welcome. It isn’t only a nice surprise for children, but also for adults. At that age saving money is still a wise thing to do. Save up money using this method for a nice dinner or a city trip, a Christmas fair or a few days at sea. The ingot moneybox has a size of 16 x 8 x 5 cm so it doesn’t take up to much space and it has a proper volume at the same time. The ingot moneybox is made of ceramic.

Specifications of the ingot moneybox from our wholesale

This ingot moneybox from our wholesale doesn’t only cheer the room of your child. It will also give your living room or hallway a little more glare. It gives his own special nuance to the interior. You will always find a place for this ingot moneybox. Perhaps even multiple?

  • Suitable for children and adults
  • In the shape of an ingot
  • 16 x 9 x 5 cm
  • Made of ceramic
  • With inscription 99.9 PURE GOLD
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