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Nail polish dryer - LED lamp nails

Do you like manicured nails and dont't you have the desire to repeat this work t every two days again? Gelpolish with an LED lamp for your nails is the solution. Gelpolish has to be applied with a special UV lamp. The nail dryer from the wholesale is especially developed for this purpose and gives the best results. No nailstudio can actually do without these super-fast LED lamp for nails, but also at home is easy to use as well.

Order the nail polish dryer now in our wholesale

This convenient nail polish dryer from our wholesale can therefore certainly take a beating. One side of the nail dryer is meant for your fingernails and the other side for your toenails. This is of course very efficient. So you can use this LED lamp for nails exactly the right way and focus on the painting and  get your work dried very quickly. The dryer is energy efficient, because it is equipped with LED. Of course it's also ideal if you like to make masterpieces from your nails. As example you can easily apply in succession several layers without waiting forever  until the gel polish is dry.


Specifications of the nail polish dryer from our wholesale

This nail polish dryer can be  very easily charged using your laptop or a power bank. Because the LED lamp for nails lasts very long, you can have lots of fun. Especially when you do love pretty nails, but rather do not want to  take too much time painting them, the LED lamp is an optimal solution.

  • Lasts very long
  • Especially for gel polish
  • Both fingernails and toenails
  • Efficient in use
  • Energy efficient
  • Suitable for professionals and amateurs
  • Easy-to-charge
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