Numeric keypad


Numeric keypad

Your standard keypad functions quite well when you’re doing your work or other standard activities. But if you need to work with a lot of numbers, a standard keypad can be inconvenient. Especially when you have to input lots of numerical values, you need a numeric keypad in addition to your standard keypad. A lot of keypads feature this extension, but a built-in numeric keypad is hardly ever supplied with the smaller notebooks and laptops. In these cases, you could very well use an external numeric keypad.  With its usb connection it fits into every modern device.


Order the numeric keypad now in our wholesale

The numeric keypad from our wholesale features 19 keys and when after connecting it to your laptop with its usb connection, you can input your numeric values while working with Excel or financial software with just one hand. You can use this numeric keypad with usb connection for other purposes as well.  While gaming you can operate the arrow keys. They are positioned conveniently making it possible to react in a very fast way. This keypad is compact and slimly built and recharges itself while you are working. It is compatible with all current Windows operating systems. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Depending on being right- or left-handed, you connect it with its usb connection to the left or right side of your laptop.


Specifications of the numeric keypad from our wholesale

You can work fast and efficiently or you can game with this external numeric keypad with usb connection.
This external keypad with usb connection has a length of 13 cm, a width of 10 cm and comes with a retractable slim metal frame
This numeric keypad features 19 additional keys you can operate with one hand
Compatible with all current Windows versions
Supplied with a built-in lithium-ion batterij that charges itself when you are working
This external keypad weighs 136 grams

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