OBD 2 Bluetooth unit (not iOS)


OBD 2 bluetooth unit

Nowadays it's not enough to look under the hood if you want to know if there's something wrong with your car. The bluetooth car scanner in our wholesale tests all motorial and other functions of your car. The OBD 2 bluetooth unit gives you a diagnosis which allows you to see where the problem is located at. You can easily plug the model in and the correct data will be displayed on your smartphone. This OBD 2 bluetooth unit is only compatible with Windows and Android; iOS is not supported.


Order the OBD 2 bluetooth unit in our wholesale

The car scanner will start displaying errors immediately after plugging it in and connecting it to your smartphone. It will display fuel usage in the long and short term, the rotational speed of the engine, the temperature of the coolant, the speed of the vehicule and many other things. Sometimes you can easily fix some issues yourself thanks to the displayed information. In other cases you can show the gathered data to the specialists in the car repair shop to quicky determine the issues. The bluetooth scanner will always show its use.

Specifications of the OBD 2 bluetooth unit from our wholesale

The OBD 2 bluetooth unit in our wholesale werkt works in any car with OBD II support. The car scanner is very compact and can easily be taken with you. Some specifications of the car scanner:

  • ELM327 v2.1
  • Size: ca. 2,5 x 4,7 x 3,1 cm (0,98 x 1,85 x 1,22 in)
  • Netto weight of 31 g (1,27 oz)
  • Color: blue
  • Compatible with any car with OBD 2 support
  • Displays many different important types of information
  • Easay to connect to your smartphone
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, etc.
  • Doesn't support iOS-devices
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