Oil Spray


Oil Spray

Working with oil is a difficult job and the bottle usually is very sticky after the first use. The oil spray from our wholesale makes this a thing of the past. An oil pump limits the amount of oil and is very easy to use. This means you will never use too much or too little oil anymore, but you are able to precisely spray the right amount on the dish. In addition, this oil pump is an ideal solution for oiling a baking dish or pan.

Order the Oil Spray in our wholesale

Olive oil is often used in the kitchen. That is not surprising, because this oil is known for its good effect on health. It protects you from heart diseases, low blood pressure and has the essential vitamin E. Furthermore there are various antioxidants and the oil is good for your skin. The oil pump can be used for example during the meal, if you want to put some oil on your salad. Greasing a scale we have already mentioned. For spraying a casserole the oil spray from our wholesale is also ideal. Of course you can also use it on many other occasions. The use is the same as the one of a perfume bottle. Push the top of the bottle and the bottle release a fine mist.

Specifications of the oil spray from our wholesale

Do you regularly use olive oil in the preparation of dishes? The oil spray from our wholesale offers several advantages:

    • Distributes the oil evenly
    • Easy to clean
    • Made of durable stainless steel
    • Can also be used for other oils
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