Outdoor Cycling Glasses / Sport Glasses


Outdoor Cycling Glasses / Sport Glasses - Unisex

A must have for cycling enthusiasts is a good pair of sunglasses! Especially when you practice sports like cycling or mountain biking, real sports sunglasses can’t be missed. It blocks ultraviolet light allowing you to see the road ahead much clearer!

These rugged and ergonomic sunglasses are perfect for sporting activities. Rugged outdoor sports for which these sunglasses are made. Sunglasses are comfortable, block the sun rays and give a better view!

Order the bicycle glasses / Sports glasses in our wholesale

Order this gadget bike in our wholesale and complete the cycle range. A must have for mountain bikers and cyclists!

Specifications of the Bike glasses / Sports glasses from our wholesale

    • You can use this bicycle seat on a bicycle, motorcycle or mountain bike.
    • The glasses are windproof
    • Outdoor Sunglasses
    • The glasses are unisex
    • Lens height: 4.4cm (1.73 in)
    • Lens width: 6.8cm (2.68 in)
    • Material: polycarbonate

In short, these sports glasses with a bold design are comfortable and will not just fall off, which makes the perfect for outdoor sports such as cycling or mountain biking. The glasses don’t only protect your eyes against sunrays but also against raindrops and mud splashes! These are ideal sport sunglasses or goggles for bike-lovers!

The sports sunglasses are fun and handy if you like cycling, but they’re also very nice as a gift for a friend who likes to ride too!

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