Owl wall sticker


Owl wall stickers - cute wall decoration

Do you have a wall which could use a little brightening? Perhaps you want to create more fun in the children's room with a beautiful wall decoration? This owl wall sticker will fit almost any room, whether it is a bedroom, living room or nursery. The funny design includes five small owls which will look very wise. Because the owl wall sticker is black and white, it fits in almost any interior. However, especially in a modern decor with clean lines and pure colors, the wall decoration will do very well.

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The owl wall sticker is easy to fix and it can both be done by the professional and the amateur. The wall decoration has a total width of 55 cm. If you choose to apply the little owl next to instead of over the other owls, the total length is 74 cm. The branch on which the owls are shown is particularly fine and the butterflies and leaves give a playful effect. Of course this wall sticker can be used not only at home, but this wall decoration is also very suitable for various public buildings, such as a library or childcare.

Specifications of the owl wall sticker from our wholesale

Of course this wall decoration in the nursery is not only decorative, but also instructive. It is an ideal tool for you to tell your children more about nature. And it won't take much time before they will surprise you with their own fantasies about owls and their bird friends. If you want to enrich your decor with this cute owl wall sticker, then you're probably curious about the main features.

  • Standard length of 55 cm, height 25 cm
  • Maximum length of 74 cm
  • Black and white
  • Five owls on a branch
  • Easy to attach
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