Paper towel holder


Paper towel holder

Every kitchen needs an efficient paper towel holder. This special paper towel holder from wholesalers is really something different, because it is made of bamboo. Actually, it is already common practice to use a paper towel that we forget in the past we had to use all those annoying cleaning cloths. It is very easy to place the paper towel on it and if it runs out, you can replace this course easily again with a new one. The design is not only beautiful, but also timeless. So you can enjoy this model for many years.

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With a roll of paper towels you have a useful tool at hand that has become almost indispensable. And of course a papier towel holder is a must if you want to use paper towels as efficient as possible. Why not use this towel holder from our wholesale, which is made of bamboo. The model not only looks nice, it has more advantages, because bamboo is a very strong material. And of course you don't need to worry about nature. The used bamboo is grown at plantations and not from natural forests. With the right kitchen paper you are now equipped with the most durable materials!

Specifications of the paper towel holder from our wholesale

Also in your kitchen this beautiful paper towel holder fits, whether your kitchen is modern or very classic. Bamboo really fits anywhere and is also an asset to your kitchen. It only takes a few seconds to place the paper towel in the holder and you will have a lot of convenience during cooking and other work in the kitchen.

  • Always paper towels at hand
  • Made of elegant bamboo
  • 16 x 32.5 cm
  • Luxe design
  • Durable and stable model
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