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Parking sensors

Every driver can use some help with reverse parking. Lots of car damage is being caused while reverse parking, something that can even create difficulties for the most experienced drivers out there. The parking sensors in our wholesale make reverse parking easy for everyone. They detect obstructions behind your car and sense how much space is left. The sensors are also beneficial when reverse driving. They warn you for small obstructions you might have missed. You'll never miss those again with these parking sensors.

Order the parking sensors in our wholesale

Safety above all, a catchphrase which applies especially to the road. There are many dangers involved with driving a car and each driver will one day face a situation where his will fall short. Parking sensors can overcome a part of this issue. They will warn you in time when there's an obstacle behind your car, thus serving as your extra set of eyes. Both private as commercial drivers can benefit from the parking sensors in our wholesale.

Specifications of the parking sensors from our wholesale

The parking sensors in our wholesale can withstand frost and rain, but that's not all. We've collected some useful information for you:

  • Easy to install
  • Voltage: 12 V dc
  • Current: 100 - 300 mA
  • Detection distance: 0,3 - 2 m
  • Monitor size: 9 x 1,5 cm (3,54 x 0,59 in)
  • Display weight: 88 g (3.10 oz)
  • Distrubution box size: 6 x 10,5 x 2 cm (2,36 x 4,13 x 0,79 in)
  • Distrubution box weight: 63 g (2,22 oz)
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