Phone Holder for Car - magnetic


Phone Holder for Car - magnetic

With a phone holder for in the car are prepared on the go. If someone calls you, you can answer safely in this way. With this magnetic smartphone stand you can call hands free with ease. Of course you can also use it to attach to your smartphone with GPS so that when driving it remains visible and you don’t need to far look far from traffic. Furthermore, it is an advantage that the model is compact, so your view on the screen isn’t obstructed by the stand.

Order the Phone Holder for in the car now in our wholesale

This phone holder for in your car from our wholesale is very compact and therefore does not ruin the interior of your car. Just clip your smartphone on the stand between the ventilation grille and do not need to install it in a complicated way. Because the smartphone is magnetic positioned, you phone remains very stable and you don’t need to worry about the phone anymore. This would finally cause even more dangerous situations than calling during non-hands free. The phone holder from our wholesale is available in two colours, white and black. What colour smartphone stand suits the interior of your car best?

Specifications of the phone holder for in the car from our wholesale

With this phone holder, you can relax on the go while hands-free calling in the car, but it is also ideal when using your GPS on your smartphone. The magnetic smartphone stand is a real asset for anyone who spends a lot in the car.

  • Available in black and white
  • Compact design: 3 x 2.5 cm
  • ABS + magnet alloy +
  • Hands-free calling, GPS, etc.
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