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Phone mount / phone accessories

This funny phone mount in our wholesale makes the use of your smartphone even easier. This model can't definitely be missing in your phone accessories collection. A good phone mount is also indispensable to make handsfree phone calls at home. This mount keeps the smartphone at an equal distance from your head, which provides a great call quality for both the caller and reviever. These phone accessories make sure that a phone call goes smootly.

Order the phone mount in our wholesale

These phone mounts can do much more than just making phone calls. This item is as functional as your smartphone. You can use it in different ways: you can for example attach it to your neck. There are many possibilities. The clamp allows you to easily install the phone mount on surfaces easily. You can for example install it on your table and bend it so that your smartphone screen has a perfect viewing angle for you. The model is very compact and is foldable, which makes it easy to take the mount with you. You can easily use it on the train or on a vacation. Your phone accessories are not complete without this phone mount in our wholesale.

Specifications of the phone mount from our wholesale

These phone accessories can be used for private and business purposes. You van use it at home and in the office. The advantage is that your hands are always free, so that you can easily take notes during te call. We've collected some of the specifications for you:

  • Length of the mount: 105 cm (41,34 in)
  • Thickness of the smartphone clamp: 85 mm (3,35 in)
  • Width of the smartphone clamp: max 9 cm (3,54 in)
  • Width of the base clamp: 5 cm (1,97 in)
  • Compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS, 4, 4S, 5 and many more
  • Foldable design
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