Phone Pouch with RFID blocking for iPhone / Samsung


Phone Pouch with RFID blocking for iPhone / Samsung

Do you ever worry about the constant radiation from your smartphone, even if you just carry this with you? This pouch blocks all radio signals. Of course everyone wants also sometimes be as unattainable. It can also store through your mobile phone in this case. If you receive a call, the one who contacts you hear that you are unreachable. Using your smartphone, you therefore can’t be traced. You can take this bag with RFID blocking with you during a relaxing walk in the countryside or on a long car ride. The model is compact and light, so it won’t bother you.

Order the Phone Pouch now in our wholesale

This phone case with RFID blocking out of our wholesale is also designed to protect your valuable cards against criminals who are trying to pickpocket electronically. The protection of course works optimal and in this case your cards are therefore fully protected. The material from which the bag is made, provides complete RFID blocking and therefore are your cards protected against illegal access. You can close the phone pouch with Velcro, so you are sure that your phone or cards won’t fall out.

Specifications of the phone case from our wholesale

Do you sometimes want to just completely be inaccessible or are you just going to pay more attention to your health? Do you have all kinds of cards with you that can be easily plundered by electronic pickpockets? This phone case with RFID blocking from our wholesale should be part of your standard equipment.

  • In black
  • Also space for cards
  • Complete RFID blocking
  • Unreachable when you want to
  • Blocks harmful radiation
  • Suitable for smartphones to about 6 inches
  • Useful closure with Velcro
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