Pilaten Depilatory Cream - Benefit Pack for Self-Hair Removal

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Pilaten Depilatory Cream - Benefit Pack for Self-Hair Removal

It is quite common that men and women today remove despicable hair growth. The depilatory cream of the wholesale is  a very efficient means. This hair removal cream penetrates into the hair follicles, making hair removal easy and painless. In addition, it takes longer before new hair growth occurs. The depilatory cream of the Pilaten brand is soft and nourishing for the skin. Go for a painless method  of hair removal with this surprising depilatory cream.


Order the depilatory cream now in our wholesale

The depilatory cream of the wholesaler must be applied to the skin and then be allowed to work for 3 to 6 minutes. After this, the excess hair growth can be removed with a scraper. Just rinse with water, and your skin looks smooth and tight again. Hair removal with this depilatory cream can be done on all parts of the body such as the armpits and legs and the bikini line. For quick and efficient hair removal, use this wholesale tool according to the best-performing instructions. Keep in mind that you can not use hot water on the skin shortly after treatment and you do not use any makeup or other creams.


Specifications of the depilatory cream from our wholesale

The depilatory cream from our wholesaler comes in a benefit pack, making it easy to use it several times. It's a fast way of removal and therefore not only conveniënt for home, but also for vacation or for example, when you're staying with friends.

  • Soft composition that does not damage the skin
  • Easy and efficient in use
  • Urges the hair follicles and nourishes the skin
  • Perfect for quick hair removal
  • Easy to rinse with water
  • Do not use makeup or hot water shortly after treatment
  • Suitable for various treatments
  • Use both by men and by women
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