Pizza plate with pizza cutter


Pizza plate with pizza cutter

With this pizza plate and the handy pizza cutter from wholesale you can cut this Italian delicacies in a simple way and as you want it. What is more tasty than a delicious piece straight from the hand? This handy set is made of bamboo. Both the plate as the pizza cutter are very durable. Bamboo is a material which is very suitable because of its hardness and at the same time can  be easily cleaned too. It's also a natural material that grows quickly in special plantations and so the production of this tool does not threaten nature.


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Eating these Italian delicacies is becoming increasingly popular. And of course the Italians know best how to deal with this special food. A pizza cutter on a properly sized plate is the ideal method to make every piece exactly as those who prefer it intend it to be. Especially when you have guests, it is obviously a nice gesture to serve it in this special way. In Italy the use of a pizza plate is very common, but in our country it's really an extra touch when it served up this way. The pizza cutter should be of course part of your kitchen tools too. With this handy knife you cut between the pieces, so they can be picked up with ease.


Specifications of the pizza plat from our wholesale

With the  pizza plate from our wholesale you can serve this Italian food very convenient. Because the plate makes it simple to  divide the food  into pieces, it is very easy to make everyone happy with just the right share. With the included pizza cutter  you can divide the pieces easily. Because this knife is designed specifically for this job, the food will be cut without any trouble.

  • Stylish design
  • Made of bamboo
  • Specially designed for this Italian food
  • Divides pieces quite easy
  • Handy knife with ergonomic handle
  • Easy to (keep) clean
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