Power bank on keychain - 2600 mAh

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Power bank on keychain - 2600 mAh

Of course, you always want to be able to use the smartphone or your iPod. But now and then you have an empty battery and no charging option nearby. For such situations there is the wholesale's mobile charger. This power bank shaper like a keychain ensures  you can always charge wherever you are.


Order the keychain power bank now in our wholesale

The wholesale power bank is really ideal because you can take it along so easy. Now you never forget your mobile charger and that's ideal, because you'll never get without a working smartphone. The cheerfully colored power bank can be used for many devices. Of course, it is very easy to connect this mobile charger to your phone and after that, the power bank ensures that the battery can be reused within the shortest time. Naturally, such a mobile charger is also very useful if you are in nature and far away from normal charging points. Once you've experienced the convenience of this power bank, you'll never want another one.


Specifications of the power bank from our wholesale

With the mobile charger, you never have to deal with an empty phone or tablet. Of course, it's annoying when these devices go halfway shut during  a trip, because the battery is completely empty. However, this mobile charger comes in the shape of a keychain, making it easy for you to take along and not forget about it ever.

  • Available in black, pink, white, blue and green
  • Capacity of 2600 mAh
  • Suitable for smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc.
  • Powerful and durable design
  • Portable and practical in use
  • Safe and trustworthy
  • Indispensable on the way
  • Dimensions: 97 x 22 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 60 g
  • Protection against overload, short circuit, etc.
  • Suitable for cylindrical lithium ion battery
  • Output power: 5 W
  • Input: 5.0 V / 1000 mA
  • Output 5.0 V / 1000 mA

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