Push-up bra


Push-up bra / strapless bra

Push-up bras are an essential part of the modern fashionable woman's underwear wardrobe. The push-up makes your cleavage stand out and look younger. Push-up bras are popular under low tops and dresses with a more distinct neckline, but this strapless bra also makes other types of clothing stand out. It's easy to to put on the bra and thanks to the bra clasp you can make it fir perfectly. The push-up effect makes your cleavage look fuller and rounder. This makes your clothing fit better and nicer around your body.


Order the push-up bra in our wholesale

The push-up in our wholesale has some extra advantagzq. The strapless model is almost invisible. The bra has no seams, which makes it pratically invisible, even under the tightest pieces of clothing. The use of self sticking silicones gives the push-up bra a comfortable fit. The bra clasp in the front makes sure that the model stays in its place, even after wearing it for a long time. This strapless bra in our wholesale highlights your female figure and gives you a youthful look.

Specifications of the strapless bra in our wholesale

The strapless bra is perfect to wear under a strapless dress, a shirt with a wide neck or other pieces of clothing that sow your shoulders. The model can of course be worn in combination with othr clothes thanks to the nice fit of the strapless bra. It will make your cleavage stand out. Some specifications of the strapless bra in our wholesale:

  • Self sticking
  • Strapless
  • Comfortable fit
  • Handy front clasp
  • Nice cleavage
  • Available in cup A/B/C/D
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