RGB LED lamp


RGB LED lamp

LED lamps, the lamps of the future. LED lighting is the modern standard of lighting thanks to its energy efficiency and good lighting. But to make the LED light really beautiful, this RGB LED lamp was developed. With this lamp you can choose a colour which suits the atmosphere at that time. Because with this RGB LED lamp you can choose any colour you want!

This RGB LED lamp can show up to 16 colours, so you can choose something else every day! These colours can be selected using the remote control that comes with it.


Order the RGB LED lamp in our wholesale

Order this RGB LED lamp in our wholesale and complete your 'party and light'  collection.

Specifications of the RGB LED lamp from our wholesale

  • It saves power when you use an LED light.
  • The lamp is barely hot.
  • No UV radiation.
  • Includes a remote control.
  • Choose one colour or a colour program.
  • The lamp is equipped with a blinking effect, a fade effect and a strobe effect.
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Weight: 88 grams (3.10 oz)
  • 5W bulb
  • Suitable for E14 or E27

What's in this package?

  • An RGB LED lamp with 5W 16 colours
  • An IR remote control
  • Incl. batteries!

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