Running belt with compartments - hip bag for sports

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Running belt with compartments - hip bag for sports

If you're going to exercise your favourite sport, you'll take along all kinds of essential stuff, like your phone and your home keys. This can be difficult, especially when running, because you are not always at the same location. With this handy hip bag, however, you are prepared for everything and everywhere. The running belt has several compartments, which you can close also. Thus, do not be afraid to lose items like your phone while exercising. In addition, there is a handy tab for your keys on this hip bag. Using a keychain you can easily attach it to this tab.

Order the running belt now in our wholesale

With this running belt from our wholesale you will enjoy relaxing sports. Not just because you know your stuff is safe, but also because you can listen to music. The hip bag has a convenient opening for the cable of your earphone. This way you can take along your phone or iPod and listen to your favorite music while exercising. The middle and largest compartment closes with a zipper. The hip bag is comfortable in wearing and is made of polyester. Of course, the item is very durable and you can enjoy it for years. The running belt is available in a variety of colours. Make your choice and go for red, pink, orange or blue. Which hip bag looks good with your favorite sportswear?


Specifications of the running belt from our wholesale

The running belt from our wholesale company is easy to adjust. Of course, the hip bag is suitable for both men and women, and you can set it exactly so it feels comfortable for you. The hip bag is made of soft fabrics for optimal comfort.

  • Front of 40 cm
  • 10 cm wide band
  • Easy to adjust
  • Made of polyester
  • With special opening for earphones
  • Tab for a key chain
  • Easy to close secure
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