Sauna sports vest for Men

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Sauna sports vest for Men / body shaper

Would you like to lose some kilos? Lose weight? To lose weight? Thanks to this sports vest you can speed up this process. The sauna sport vest ensures that you sweat more during exercise and thus more waste. You can wear the body shaper under your clothes so that it becomes completely invisible to others. With a body shaper you fall off in a simple way. The body shaper consists for a large part of neoprene. Furthermore, nylon was used in the manufacture of this sports vest.

Order a sauna sport vest in wholesale

Order now this handy sauna sport vest in our wholesale. This body shaper makes you sweat more than usual during exercise, so you lose excess pounds even faster. With a body shaper you do not have to make any effort to lose weight. Thanks to the zipper you can easily put on and take off the sports vest. The sports vest can be worn on two sides, so you can choose the color blue or the color black. It is advisable to wash this body shaper by hand. This keeps the sports vest its effect and lasts much longer. If you prefer to put it in the washing machine, choose a temperature of 30 degrees.

Specifications of the sauna sports vest from our wholesale

The sauna sport vest from our wholesaler ensures that you are on the scales with even more pleasure after an intensive hour of exercise. Losing weight has never been easier. The body shaper from our wholesale is available in four different sizes, so your size is always there.

  • In a simple way of your kilos off
  • With a handy zipper
  • Can be worn on two sides
  • Available in size S to XL
  • Consists of 80% neoprene and 20% nylon
  • Preferably hand wash

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