Sitting Buddha in silver/Buddha statue


Sitting Buddha in silver/Buddha statue

This sitting Buddha has a stylish design in silver and brown. You can find a Buddha statue in more and more modern interiors. Sometimes it will be a sign of having Buddhism as a religion but more often it is a sign of inner peace. That is what we all want to accomplish in this hectic society. A sitting Buddha staute will often get a nice place in a room or at work. It is very important that it will be respected with a statue that for a lot of people just is a part of the interior.

Order the sitting Buddha now in our wholesale

A Buddha statue isn't placed on the ground as it may look not respectful. With a height of 27 cm you can also find a nice place for this beautiful ornament. You can put it on a closet or on a stylish table. Thanks to its weight of 1kg the Buddha will also stand stable on a flat surface. Of course you can also place matching decorations from our wholesale next to it, so it will look way more relaxing.

Specifications of the sitting Buddha from our wholesale

At home and at work this stylish Buddha statue will do its job. The Buddha statue doesn't only ensures peace, but also an exotic atmosphere. When you choose a Buddha statue for your home or office you do want to know the specifications of this model:

  • Available in stylish brown with silver
  • Height of 27 cmÂ
  • Length of 18 cm
  • Width of 11 cm
  • Weights about 1 kg
  • Made of sustainable materials
  • Design with cape
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