Selfie stick + telephone holder with Bluetooth remote controller


Selfie stick + telephone holder with Bluetooth remote controller

Making a selfie is the way to capture a beautiful moment. But if you want to make a picture with the background or even a larger group, you will need this handy selfie stick. The extendable model from our wholesale ensures that you can make every selfie you want. It makes a vacation, a day off or even a romantic encounter even more special. Of course you can take the selfie stick from wholesale easily with you. The model is compact and lightweight and is extendable to a whopping 1.20 meters. With this ideal phone holder you can create the most original photos in a few seconds and you will capture your most valuable memories.

Order the Selfie stick now in our wholesale

The controls of this selfie stick from our wholesale is super simple so you can always make the best pictures. The Bluetooth remote is very compact. Of course, the phone holder is also ideal if you are for example planning a video recording at a concert or other crowded places. Because you can lift you phone way higher, it's easy to record videos or capture photos over the heads of other visitors. So you still can still see your favourite artist on your photo! The built-in lithium battery is long lasting, and you can create tens of thousands of photographs.

Specifications of the Selfie stick from our wholesale

Does a selfie stick seem handy to you? The phone holder from our wholesale is very easy to use and also very lightweight. So you can easily take it with wherever you want. The other features of the phone holder are:

    • Universal a_ screw
    • Maximum weight of the camera: 500 g
    • Extends to 110 cm
    • Around 22.9 cm when retracted
    • Bluetooth remote control
    • Support for Android and iOS
    • Suitable for almost all smart phones
    • Build-in lithium battery
    • With or without remote control
    • In black
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