Selfiestick + shutter + wiring


Selfie stick + shutter + wiring

Taking good photos where you are on yourself is becoming easier. Nowadays you do not need to bother other people to take a picture of yourself (and accompany). Making a selfie is super trending. For this you use the selfie stick from our wholesale. Determine the composition of your photos do not depend on a stranger. The selfie stick from our wholesale is so convenient and efficient in usage so the best pictures seem to arise naturally. And photos are still the best way to preserve memories of holidays, events and personal moments. So make a selfie!

Order the Selfie stick now in our wholesale

Making a selfie has never as easy as with the selfie stick from our wholesale. It is also easier to make the selfie, because you can hold your smartphone further away of yourself so the picture will become nicer. The selfie stick is light and can be folded up so that can easily take it with you, but you do have a range of up to half a meter. This makes it possible both to get to use a panoramic background in your picture as well as a larger group of people in one shot. With this stick you can make a selfie with various smart phones of different brands, including iPhone and Samsung.

Specifications of the Selfie stick from our wholesale

Of course, a selfie stick is also ideal if you want to take pictures in places where it is very busy. With this item you can not only make a selfie, but also photograph other things from a different angle. Do you want to make a selfie? Use the scope of your selfie stick best! Features:

  • Extendable
  • With shutter and wiring
  • Available in various colours
  • Compact folding
  • Extended length: 50 cm
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Made of aluminium
  • Suitable for various smartphones
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