Selfiestick with shutter - wired - black


Selfie stick with shutter - Wired - Black

Do you want to make the most beautiful selfies? The refined monopod from our wholesale will certainly succeed. Shooting photographs will never be the same now our smartphones are all equipped with excellent cameras. We can capture everything in detail and clearly capture it on the photo. Of course selfies are indispensable for unforgettable moments to be able to be shared with others. Fortunately, you can easily carry your mobile phone itself. So on vacation, a day off or even a romantic encounter, the monopod can always join. Enjoy the photos and the memories they will recall.

Order the Selfie stick now in our wholesale

For a good selfie you will need a good monopod. The selfie stick out of our wholesale has several advantages. The clip in which the smartphone can be put is in various positions. Thus, you can achieve a variety of effects with your photos. The selfie stick is lightweight and compact and thus easy to carry with you. Fully extended the monopod has a length of 80 centimetres. This allows you to create beautiful, panoramic pictures or photos of larger groups in one shot. You can’t just simply take a picture from a different angle, you can even create photo that couldn’t make otherwise. Think for example of a noisy crowd. The selfie stick out of our wholesale you can finally take pictures of a monumental building or of famous artist!

Specifications of the selfie stick from our wholesale

If you like taking pictures with your smartphone of the environment for example, or if you regularly take selfies, this monopod from our wholesale can’t be missed from your equipment. Some characteristics of the model are:

  • With wiring and easy release button
  • Extended Length: 80 cm
  • With support for Android and iOS
  • Universal 1/4 camera screw
  • Silicone + PVC
  • Easy to carry with you
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