Skinfold caliper


Skinfold caliper to calculate body fat

Health is something you’re concerned about every day. Fortunately, the importance of good nutrition and sufficient exercise is now well known. Most people know that weight plays an important role in the degree to which you feel healthy. However, the importance of fat is sometimes underestimated. A good diet is very important in preventing certain diseases and illnesses, but a weight scale alone isn’t enough to keep track on your progress. The skinfold meter is the most reliable tool in this case.

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At certain points of the body pinch your skin together and then measure your fat percentage using the caliper. With the aid of a table, it is then easy to calculate the percentage based on the measured millimetres (inches). It is good to do this regularly, so you will have experience in the use of skinfold caliper and can follow up on the development of your fat percentage. Of course you can leave the measurement up to someone else. Practice will give you the most experience and will get you the most reliable results.

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For bodybuilders who seek a perfect body the use of a skinfold caliper has become the most natural thing in the world. The fat gives them an ideal indicator of the outcome of their work-out session. However, everyone should actually take advantage of this handy tool. Since it gives a much better impression of the state of your body than an ordinary scale

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