Skone watch


Skone watch / Sporty men's watch 

A beautiful ornament for your wrist that you can say is this sporty watch Skone. A clear analog dial and hands tightly performed in a stainless steel case provide a trendy and timeless design. The three decorative, extra hands make this watch a very beautifully executed model. See the time is always a pleasure with this beautiful timepiece.

A Skone watch order in wholesale

Of course, no man can do without a sporty and durable watch. A Skone watch from our wholesale business is totally focused on that. The watch not only looks sporty, but it is also water resistant. With a quartz timepiece you can be assured that the time on your men's watch is always the right one. The abrasion resistant glass also fits with a sporty lifestyle. The watch case of this stylish Skone watch is made of stainless steel. Also, the tire, which is easy to close, is made of stainless steel matching. That gives the men's watch a robust impression and makes the wrist adornment really durable. The analog dial with clear hands and seconds hand is all this time. The bold colors in which the men's watch are completed (white and black) emphasize the masculine character of this timepiece. A solid men's watch from Skone for the sporting man of today.

Features of the Skone watch from our wholesale

Are you really ready for a new sports watch design brand Skone? For the connoisseur, we provide a number of features of this men's watch:

  • Quartz clock
  • Wear-resistant glass
  • Watch Case: stainless steel
  • Bracelet Material: Stainless Steel
  • Band length: 25 cm
  • Band width: 10 mm
  • Dial Diameter: 4.7cm

The Skone watch from our wholesale is also great as a gift for your partner, family member, friend or acquaintance, but you can also surprise yourself with.

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