Sling infant / baby carrier


Sling infant / baby carrier

The mother had the baby, in earlier time,s always carry with them for the safety of the child. Carrying by arm did bear various risks ‰ Ûªs, so it soon became customary to transport the child in a baby carrier. Even today provides a sling baby ‰ Ûªs still some benefits from our wholesalers.

Sling for babies in order wholesale

Even today, the baby carrier for children is becoming popular again. Scientists have discovered that a sling for babies has several positive effects on the child. In the first place, there is more interaction between the parent and child in the use of a baby carrier. This is partly caused by the fact that the signals that gives the child better and faster recognized. The moves also ensure that the balance of feeling the child is better developed and the more brains are stimulated. There are also advantages to the wearer of a sling for baby ‰ Ûªs, except for the vicinity of the child. In the use of a belly support both hands remain free. Moreover, the carrier has a better view of the area in this way of carrying. The baby carrier from wholesale is made from a blend of cotton and spandex. This ensures that the material is breathable and feels comfortable for parent and child. Of course, the sling can be securely attached and which is of a length of more than 5 meters suitable for children under 3 years. Father and mother will be pleased with this particular item.

Features of the sling for babies from our wholesale

What else you should know about this baby carrier:

    • Material: cotton / spandex
    • Length: 5.2 m
    • Width: 45 cm
    • Color: Black
    • Suitable for 3 years
    • Quality
    • Breathable fabric

This baby carrier are parent and child always satisfied.

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