Snorkel / snorkel mask for your GoPro camera


Snorkel / snorkel mask for your GoPro camera

There is a stunning world under water that begs to be discovered. For that you do not even have to go far below the surface. All kinds of fish and plants live just below the water line and with snorkelling set you can enjoy that. The advantage of this underwater glasses is that it covers your entire face. Because the snorkel mask won’t steam up, you have an excellent view of the underwater world and you will not be distracted by a snorkel device in your mouth. In fact, it is similar to a diver mask and you can also use it for training purposes. The snorkel mask is available in two different sizes and you can choose the colours pink and blue.

Order the snorkelling set now in our wholesale

This snorkelling set from our wholesale is more than that. Because you can attach your GoPro camera to the snorkel mask, you can capture the most beautiful footage underwater. Because the mask provides you a 180 degree visibility and because it is very comfortable, you can capture the most beautiful pictures. Record videos in a quiet way to express the calmness of the underwater world or capture the hectic of the world above with boats and other vehicles. Due to the high visibility which you have with this snorkel mask, you have the feeling like you're part of the underwater world.

Specifications of the snorkelling set from our wholesale

Do you love snorkelling and do you want that everyone can enjoy your adventures in the fascinating underwater world with you? With this snorkel mask, you can instantly record images with your GoPro action camera. Some characteristics of the snorkelling set from our wholesale:

  • 180 degree view
  • Anti-fog
  • Made of PVC, PC and silicones
  • Size S / M: 11 - 13.5cm
  • Size L / XL: & gt; 13.5 CMAE
  • Sustainable construction
  • Very clear view
  • Ability to attach the GoPro camera
  • Available in pink and blue
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