Sport water bottle


Sports waterbottle / the ideal drinking bottle for everyone

Nowadays every athlete or jogger takes a sports waterbottle. The drinking bottle from our wholesale is outstanding. You don't have to sport of course to use our drinking bottle. By the handy design the bottle is leakproof and easy to take with you. Actually everybody should have such a bottle.


Order a sports waterbottle in our wholesale

A good drinking bottle has to meet a number of conditions to be used as a sports waterbottle also. The drinking bottle from our wholesale is designed with the thouhgt to meet every condition. First of all the content of  550 ml is exactly that quantity that is the right quantity of drink for an athlete on the one side and whose weight isn't a burden while doing sports. The drinking bottle itself only weighs 68 gram. The bottle is unbreakable ofcourse, because it must be able to take a beating and not only by doing sports. The shell is leakproof, so there will be no problems on the go. And ofcourse there is a handy wristband for those who only want to take the bottle with them on the go. All these benefits make this drinking bottle suitable for any other use of course. Your child will be very happy with this nice drinking bottle in a cool color. And nowadays nobody travels without a drinking bottle anymore? Therefore pick this drinking bottle from our wholesale.


Specifications of this sports waterbottle from our wholesale

Are you the proud owner of one or more of these design drinking bottles? Pick a tendy color and you will be able to take this handy sports waterbottle with you at every time. The characteristics are:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Content: 550 ml
  • Height: 20 centimeter
  • Weight: 68 gram
  • Leakproof shell
  • Handy wristband
  • Unbreakable

Which cool color do you pick?       

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