Sports bra


Sports Bra in black or white / stylish sports bra for every occasion

If you exercise a sports bra a must. A good sports bra ensures that your breasts can move comfortably but not involuntary like with normal lingerie. A sports bra offers protection for your breasts. A sports bra always prevent the pressure, and thereby damage of the tissue and the skin structure of the tender breasts. Always choose a well fitting sports bra. Of course, the sports bra that we offer you is not only practical and suitable for any sports, but also even more elegant.

Order the Sports Bra in our wholesale

If you practice a sport where you have to move much, it is important to choose a good sports bra. The sports bra from our wholesale is soft, stretch and seamless. Therefore, this sports bra has a comfortable fit. A good sports bra meets a number of requirements and the same goes for the model from our wholesalers. The sports bra should sit tight so that it does not move, but you should be able to continue to breathe properly. The straps should be soft and wide, so they do not cut into your skin. A sports bra with a bow or decoration is usually not really suitable for sports where you have to move a lot. In that case, you can clear up injuries in the fall. The material should be breathable associated with your perspiration. If you fit the sports bra, then jump up or walk around to feel if your breasts get good support.

Specifications of the sports bra from our wholesale

If you've decided to buy such a beautiful sports bra from our wholesale. Then we put to you a number of features at a glance:

  • Material: Cotton Mixture
  • Size S: 70A / 70B / 70C / 70D / 75A
  • Size M: 75B / 75C / 75D / 75E / 80A / 80B
  • Size L: 80C / 80D / 80E / 85A / 85B / 85C
  • Seamless
  • Breathable
  • Fun sports with a sports bra in white or black.
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