Sushi maker


Sushi maker

Sushi is a typical Japanese dish that is known in Western-Europe for just a few years. The base is always cold cooked rice. This is combined with a lot of things, such as seafood, fish, vegetables or tropical fruit. The dishes are getting more and more popular in the Netherlands. Sushi isn't only delicious, but also healthy. Making sushi yourself may sound impossible because it isn't as easy to make nice rolls with rice. With the Sushi Matik Sushi maker out of our wholesale that is no problem anymore.

Order the Sushi-machine at the wholesale

Sushi used to made on a bamboo mat by people who were skilled in the technique and it cost a lot of time. Today this is not necessary anymore. The sushi maker out of our wholesale ensures perfect sushi and the making of sushi doesn't take as long. You cut the seaweed to the desired size, put this in the machine with both ends at the end of the band of the sushi maker. After that, put your ingredients on, then hold the shackle and pull it together with the loop. You guests or customers will enjoy delicious sushi!

Specifications of the sushi maker out of our wholesale

With this sushi maker you can easily make sushi. That isn't only handy when you have a restaurant and you want to have a snack or present it as amusement, it is also handy when you like to experiment in the kitchen. A summary of the sushi maker out of our wholesale:

  • 10,8 x 23,5 x 8,7 cm
  • Easy to use
  • Also ideal to fill wraps
  • With recipes and manual
  • For professionals and amateurs
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