Swimming goggles


Goggles protect the eyes while swimming

Swimming is a healthy entertainment for everyone, but good swimming goggles are absolutely necessary not only for professional swimmers. Both young and old can have fun with a good pair of swimming goggles. Our eyes are very sensitive and that means they can become irritated in this unusual environment. Swimming goggles nowadays are almost an essential part of the swimming gear. These glasses will protect your eyes, for example, from chlorine or salt water. Also against some substances in another surface that can irritate the eyes. You view will be less good under water. This can cause problems in situations in which you should be able to trust your eyes.

Order the swimming goggles in our wholesale

In addition to protecting the goggles of our wholesale also assure a better view. Your eyes will be protected when wearing the glasses, but there is also a layer of air between the eyes and the lenses. Therefore, you can see clearly even underwater. Thanks to the UV filter you have good visibility in sunny weather. The goggles of our wholesale are available in all colours, namely silver, light blue, dark blue, red, gold and black. With these goggles you simply create a sporty look.

Specifications of the goggles from our wholesale

Each goggle is different, but of course it is important that they’re comfortable to wear and that it closes properly, so that water doesn’t get in your eyes. Let’s go over the most important specs of the goggles from our wholesale

  • Ratcheting
  • Available in various colours
  • With UV filter
  • Covers not
  • Very flexible
  • Unisex

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