Tablet Holder for in the Car - Stand for iPad / Android tablet


Tablet Holder for in the Car - Stand for iPad / Android tablet

The use of a tablet in the car is completely established and actually become almost indispensable. Certainly children really enjoy this feature, because which child now does not like watching a fun movie during a long and boring car ride? With a tablet holder for the car it is much easier. With a Stand for your iPad you can attach the tablet to the front seat. Thus, the child does not have to hold the tablet, but it hangs on the back of the chair.

Order the Tablet Stand now in our wholesale

The tablet holder from our wholesale is very easy to install. You attach it to the first part of the driver's seat for example and the second part where the tablet needs to fixed. As the standard for the iPad or Android tablet is installed in a few minutes. It is adjustable in length and height, so that the tablet can be fixed in exactly the right place. In addition, the tablet holder will accommodate various types and you can almost fit every model in the standard clamp. When the tablet holder isn’t used for a while, it can also be easily removed again from the headrest.

Specifications of the tablet holder from our wholesale

The default for iPad is not only an outcome for kids, but also for the adults. Who doesn’t like watching a movie? In addition, of course, other activities, such as reading an eBook or listening to music. The Stand for iPad or other models in our wholesale are characterized by a number of things.

  • Install in just five steps
  • Easy to adjust the height and length
  • Easy to remove
  • Suitable for tablets between 7 and 11 inches
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