Take care of your feet with a foot mask!


Take care of your feet with a foot mask!

Foot care is essential to our feet. We use them daily and they often have to endure. Therefore, it is important to keep them clean and they care for it properly, for example, with a foot mask or a pedicure. This allows you feet immediately better, healthier and more beautiful. Ideal for the warmer months of the year! With this foot mask you seven times a delicious mask around your feet!

Foot Masks wholesale ordering

Order now this beauty and foot care product in our wholesale. The foot mask is a product that everyone can use and also needs in order to maintain healthy, radiant feet.

Specifications of the foot mask from our wholesale

This foot mask is distinctive because of the essential nourishing substances that are in this mask. For example, there is, for example, papaya, lavender oil, aloe collagen extract and processed in the mask. This allows the feet will look beautiful and healthy.

How does the foot mask?

Step 1: You start by soaking the feet in a warm bath. Do this at least 10 to 20 minutes!

Step 2: Afterwards clean your feet and dry them off

Step 3: Get the foot mask from the package. Cut the plastic open at the line.

Step 4: Afterwards you put on the foot mask, just like you would put on regular socks

Step 5: Press it well and firmly against the foot and connect it to the top

Step 6: After 45 minutes to an hour, you can take off the mask, clean and dry

Repeat steps every day for three to five days. You will notice changes and see results after five to seven days. Dirt will easily come from! Treat yourself, or someone else, with a delicious foot mask!

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