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8-compartment tea box of wood

Meanwhile, tea is one of the most popular beverages in our country, which will undoubtely has been effected by the large choice available nowadays. It has become very common to give guests a choise from the different tasts. With the tea box from our wholesale, this becomes very easy. This tea chest is made of bamboo and very beautiful of design. Bamboo is a natural material which is very durable. Bamboo for production is grown on special plantations and the material is not taken from the wild.

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The tea box has room for as many as eight different flavors, so even the spoiled drinker always find something to his liking. It's easy to keep the bags tasty for a long time, but thanks to the tea box they remain fresh and fragrant until you use these. For this beautiful bamboo tea box, you will always find room in the kitchen. The finish is so beautiful and the material so natural that it will draw many admiring glances. The boxes in this tea chest are of course tailored to the size of bags of virtually all major brands. The model has room for many bags, so you not have to disappoint your guests with regard to the different tastes. Through the window in the lid of the tea box you will always have immediately a good overview.

Specifications of the tea box from our wholesale

The handy tea chest is not only beautiful, but also very practical. It can accommodate eight different flavours. So you can show your guests the different flavors at once and they can choose which type they prefer. Of course you can also put the tea chest on the table, so you have it always at your disposal.

  • Luxury design
  • Equipped with 8 useful boxes
  • Suitable for all sizes of bags
  • Made from special bamboo wood
  • Window in the lid
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