Thermos camera lens


Thermos camera lens/vacuum jug

This big lens isn't only for photographers but also for people who love a warm or cold drink outdoors. This vacuum jug from our wholesale may look like a camera lens but it has a different purpose. If you are busy outside it is mostly difficult to plan in a break for a drink, warm or cold. In that case this thermos from our wholesale really is a solution. This thermos is specially designed for the ease of use. Via the red button you can 'tap' the drink without the jug being opened and of course there is a mug available.

Order the Thermos camera lens now in our wholesale

Are you often on the move and do you like to drink warm coffee or cold water? this thermos camera lens will not only keep your favourite drink warm for long but you can also use it to keep your drinks cool. With this vacuum jug you can always drink freshly even when you are not at home or when you don't have time to stop at a terrace or cafe. At the bottom of the thermos camera lens there is a handy mug so you always have mug available and you don't look clumsy.

Specifications of the thermos camera lens from our wholesale

Do you love photography or are you maybe a professional photographer? In that case this thermos camera lens from our wholesale may not be missed in your standard kit. So you don't only always have a warm or cold drink, but you also make a statement. Of course everyone can profit of this handy vacuum jug.

  • Materials: RVS inside, rubber
  • Height of 24 cm
  • Dimensions mug with handle: 12,5 cm
  • Weights: 438 g
  • 6 hours: 80°C
  • 12 hours: 60°C
  • 24 hours: 40°C
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