Tow rope - indispensable tool for car trouble


Tow rope - indispensable tool for car trouble

Our car can break down, and that is something we don’t want to realise. The last thing you're waiting for when you're on the road is car trouble. Yet it may happen and it's good to also be prepared. This can be done by placing a strong tow rope in your car. The tow rope from our wholesale is provided in orange. This is an ideal colour for this tool for car trouble. In this way you also let other road users at once know that your vehicle is towed, and they can then modify their behaviour on it.

Order the Tow rope now in our wholesale

Sometimes it may happen that your car breaks down and you can’t just go back on the road again. It may be that a certain part of your vehicle can’t simply be substituted in the place where you come to a standstill or that the problem is so great that it even constitutes a danger to you and your passengers. If this is the case of a breakdown, then there is one thing left to do: your car needs to be towed. This is possible with the aid of a good towing cable. The tow rope from our wholesale can resist a weight of 5 tons. Because the cable 4 meters long, this makes the road for additional safety. So the car has enough room to turn around, but will not sway too much anyway.

Specifications of the tow rope from our wholesale

Always prepare yourself for trouble. Of course we all hope it will not be necessary, but the tow rope is ideal to have your car towed by another vehicle when it is really necessary.

  • A distinctive orange colour
  • Made of a very strong material
  • Suitable for any car model
  • 4 meters long
  • Max. towing weight: 5 tons
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