Transparent phone case for iPhone 7


Transparent phone case for iPhone 7

The most important reason of buying a phone case for iPhone is, of course, protection. Accidents can happen easily and you don’t want your precious smartphone to get damaged if you accidently put your phone down a bit more aggressive than your intentions. The iPhone case from our wholesale offer that protection in optima forma. The phone case is specially designed for an iPhone and because of that it is more suitable for your smartphone than an universal case. The cut-outs for the connections are exactly in the right place and there is extra protection for your camera.

Order the transparent phone case now in our wholesale

The choice of a smartphone tells something about the choices you make in life and this ultrathin phone case is transparent, so you can really make a statement. The most vulnerable part of every phone is, of course, the glass which you use to swipe and click. The material of this iPhone case absorbs shocks so the chance of damaging will be less. This phone case will remain beautiful for long and it’s easy to keep the quality up. The special gel will ensure that the outside will reject waste so you won’t be bother by finger prints as fast.

Specifications of the transparent phone case from our wholesale

Actually we can’t live without our smartphones and we look at it a lot of times a day to check new messages or other things. A proper protection is then necessary. This handy phone case will protect you iPhone at best. The soft gel doesn’t only protect against scratches but also can absorb shocks, whereby your phone will be way better protected than before. The most important specifications down below:

  • Waste rejecting model
  • Suitable for iPhone 7
  • Transparent
  • Made of soft gel
  • Optimal protection for the lens of the camera
  • Opening for connections
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