Transpiration pads - tool for excessive sweating

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Transpiration pads - tool for excessive sweating

Everyone sometimes knows the problem of excessive perspiration under the armpits. With the pads of the wholesaler you can prevent excessive sweating leading to those ugly moisture spots under your arms. Of course, a transpiration  pad is also very suitable for keeping your clothes beautiful. Do not worry if you suffer from excessive sweating, the consequences are solved by this transpiration pad. There are 50 pieces in the package, which means you get  25 pairs right now. Make sure you do not have to be afraid of excessive sweating and go for the transpiration pads from the wholesaler.


Order the transpiration pads now in our wholesale

Transpiration or sweating is a very normal way of shedding the body. We all sweat, but there are differences in the release of perspiration fluid. If it's extremely hot, excessive sweating is a problem for almost everyone. With very high temperatures, no deodorant will be enough to prevent It. For those very hot days, the wholesale's transpiration pads are an answer  for almost everyone. But a certain percentage of people actually suffer from excessive sweating, even if temperatures are not high. Usually this phenomenon is very innocent but unpleasant. They can use this special tool daily.


Specifications of the transpiration pads from our wholesale

Do you want to prevent any  perspiration under your arms to become visible by excessive sweating? Do you want to protect your precious clothes from sweat stains? These transpiration  pads are made for young and old, men and women. They can be used very easily, are very effective and barely visible under most clothes. Go with confidence on your way in the future.

  • 50 pieces = 25 pairs per package
  • Lightweight and high quality
  • Almost invisible under clothing
  • Keep your favourite clothes beautiful
  • For both young and old
  • Thickness of about 2 mm
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