Travel Plug (white or black)

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Travel Plug UK to EU (white or black) / World plug

To use all your electrical appliances when traveling a world plug is a godsend device. It's very nice to have the correct adapter for the local socket. You put this travel plug just in the normal socket. Please note that you always set the device to use for the correct voltage. The travel plug does not of change the voltage. This universal model should definitely not be missed in your suitcase when you go to the UK.


Order the Travel Plug UK to EU now in our wholesale

There is always a place in your luggage for the travel plug out of our wholesale. It is compact and lightweight and you will benefit greatly from it. With this model you can travel just continue using your trusty razor and other personal consumer products. The world connector makes it possible to travel reliably all over the world. The travel plug from our wholesale offers 2 pins. Always handy if you have a world socket adapter with you and not need to buy it locally on the go. Not in every place they have a store where you can obtain a travel plug, after all. With the world socket adapter of our wholesale you can keep using all your devices!


Specifications of the travel plug from our wholesale

It's always annoying when you're traveling and you realize you plugs are not suitable for the power socket at your destination. That way you have many devices that can’t be charged for example, you can’t use and your smartphone and laptop. With the travel plug from our wholesale that problem is part of the past. A number of features down below:

  • Lightweight
  • 10 A / 16 A / 240 V
  • Available in white or black
  • Sustainable design
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