Universal Cutter


Universal Cutter

This Universal Cutter from our wholesale can’t be missed in any kitchen. Nowadays there is a lot of attention for healthy food at the preparations of a meal. Of course, vegetables and fruit also belong to the category healthy food. To quickly prepare a healthy meal a universal cutter really is a handy tool. With this universal cutter you can easily make up your food in different ways to make it look more attractive. Of course, the vegetables will be cut or grated, think of red beets.

Order the universal cutter now in our wholesale

You will cut clumsy and risky with a knife again with this universal cutter from our wholesale. With these handy knifes you can manually choose which products you want to cut in which sizes. This universal cutter is made of strong materials and lasts long. It’s easy to clean so the universal cutter will be ready for its next job in no time. Because of its sophisticated design this cutter will easily fit in your kitchen cabinet. Do you want a fun garnish of carrot or do you have a kind of fruit you want to edit into a fun shape? All of this is possible with the handy universal cutter. The handle is very firm and cutting is light. The universal cutter is also very safe.

Specifications of the universal cutter from our wholesale

If you like cooking it’s important to have the proper equipment. This does not only apply for amateurs but also for professionals in for example a hotel or restaurant. This universal cutter from our wholesale is in that case indispensable.

  • Easy to clean
  • Diameter of 18,5 cm
  • Height of circa 27 cm
  • With 3 different types of knifes
  • Available in green with white
  • Safe and hygienic
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