Universal Flash Speedlight flasher - suitable for brands such as Canon and Nikon


Universal Flash Speedlight flasher - suitable for brands such as Canon and Nikon

A universal flasher is tool that every photographer needs. With this flasher from our wholesale you can give you photos way more character. At photographing everything is about light and often you will need something extra to make the photo you want. In that matter is an attachable flasher way more efficient than a in-built flasher. The flash Speedlight is powered by batteries and thereby it is extraordinary powerful. And an universal flasher can be mounted on almost every camera. Especially handy if you are using multiple cameras. You can also use the Flash Speedlight in itself to create special effects.

Order the universal flasher now in our wholesale

The Flash Speedlight will create the image you had mine by creating effects that aren't possible with natural light no matter if you photograph inside or outside. A good photographer, amateur or professional, always wants to have a proper flasher available. With a Flash Speedlight your photos will become even better. It is not only about the composition, but also about good lighting. You can use the universal flasher from our wholesale outside and inside. It's range can differ though.

Specifications of the universal flasher from our wholesale

If you want to get the maximum potential out of camera you will need to order this universal flasher. You can use it for various cameras such as Canon, Nikon and other brands. The flash Speedlight will give your photos extra gloss and you can use it in different ways. Some specifications down below:

  • Suitable for Canon, Nikon, etc.
  • Range inside: 12-15 m
  • Range outside: 8-10 m
  • Angle: 40 degrees horizontally, 30 degrees vertically
  • Compact and easy to take with you
  • 4 x AA-batteries
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