Universal phone holder for your smartphone


Universal phone holder for your smartphone

A bicycle phone holder is a must if you need to call while you are in traffic. Unfortunately you every day see people driving dangerously on the bike or scooter with a smartphone in their hands. Then you are asking for trouble and it is absolutely unnecessary. In traffic you will need your attention for other things then for managing your phone. With the universal phone holder from our wholesale you are able to call in those situations, this is of course hands-free.

Order the universal phone holder now in our wholesale

This universal phone holder for your smartphone is easy to attach and dismantle because of its handy design. You can complete each journey safely and you know for sure that your precious smartphone is nearby and it’s safely clamped in this universal phone holder. No worries to look if your phone fits or if you need to buy a new one. This model fits every phone from every brand. This universal phone holder can also be used for other traffic purposes. Do you want a red, white, blue or black model?

Specifications of the universal phone holder from our wholesale

Because the universal phone holder from our wholesale can easily be attached, it’s not only suitable for your bike, but it can be placed on all sorts of items. So you can call when you are busy with other things. That means that you can actually safe time with this universal phone holder. The model is small and easy to take with you, whereby you can use it wherever you want.

  • Compact model
  • Easy to attach
  • Call everywhere and always hands-free
  • Made of silicones
  • Available in black, red, white and blue

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3437802010673 / K211-rood

3437802010666 / K211-blauw

3437802010659 / K211-wit

3437802010642 / K211-zwart

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