USB C cable to USB A - fast charging

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USB C cable to USB A - fast charging

This USB C cable with a lenght of 1 meter converts to USB A. This allows you to connect the cable almost anywhere. Think of a connection between your default adapter and your smartphone or between your laptop and your  tablet. Actually, it looks a little bit like a micro USB charger we already know, but the advantage of the USB C cable is that you can use it two sides. You will never be able to connect the charger wrongly.


Order the USB C cable now in our wholesale

The USB C cable from our wholesale can be connected to 3.0 versions as well as 2.0 versions. The cable that tranfers to USB A is powered by USB 3.1, which gives a transmission speed to 10 GB per second. This is extremely fast for such a cable. For use with USB A, no installation is required, it simply works through the plug and play principle. As a result, you can use the USB C cable immediately after receiving it to connect your devices. This can be for example to charge them, but also to transfer data through it.


Specifications of the USB C cable from our wholesale

The USB C cable from our wholesale is very easy to use and can be used for transfer to USB A. However, the advantage of the cable is it can be used both sides, ensuring you never connect incorrectly. Is your current cable defective or do you want a faster one than the current? Do not hesitate anymore.

  • Connects both ways
  • Suitable for 2.0 and 3.0
  • Equipped with USB 3.1
  • Transfer rate of 10 GB / s
  • Turn to USB A
  • No installation process required
  • 1 meter long
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