USB charger with 4 portals / USB power socket


USB charger with 4 portals / USB power socket

A handy charger with 4 USB ports that can be used anywhere where an electrical socket is. This portable USB socket charger will quickly mobile phones and other devices. The four available ports nobody needs to wait until a socket is released. Of course, this USB socket from our wholesale is very suitable for work but also at home, there is an increasing need for an efficient and quick way to charge all kinds of devices.

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This USB socket is also very simple to carry when travelling. For such a useful device you will always find a place in your luggage. The USB charger out of our wholesale doesn’t need a lot of space either. The model is in fact compact and lightweight. Our USB socket is easy to use with the on and off switch. If the charger is ready for action, you can see of a green signal light. The portals themselves are shown with a red LED light that shows they are ready to use. So you always know whether the model is on or off. For instance you can use the USB charger for your smartphone or tablet, but also for many other devices that can be charged via an USB cable. The cord is about 15 cm long.

Specifications of the USB charger with 4 portals from our wholesale

Are you always struggling with the problem that there are not enough available chargers when you need them? Then this USB charger with 4 portals out of our wholesale is something for you. What are the characteristics of the USB socket?

    • 5V
    • Ideal for travel
    • In white
    • 4 Portals
    • On / Off
    • 50 x 105 mm
    • Cable of 145 mm
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