UTP rod toolkit / Self UTP cable lay


UTP rod toolkit / Self UTP cable lay

Place a UTP cable and connect does not have to be difficult if you have the proper tools. The UTP Tang toolkit from wholesale is so complete that you can smoothly started with some skill.

UTP Tang toolkit Order wholesale

If a little is useful, may itself impose a UTP cable. You can Order a cable roller and some connectors and ready to go. In addition, it is important that you have the right tools. While the UTP rod is then toolkit handy. With the stripper you strip the UTP cable to the 8 veins are visible. This put you in the right order, and then you cut them right off the UTP rod. Then open the connector and hold it with the tab down so you can slide the cables inside. Then pinch the connector. It is of course important that you know that the UTP cable is functioning properly. This is the UTP tongs toolkit from our wholesale equipped with a tester. On the clearly readable display you can easily see if all eight wires are connected properly and function properly. The tester is also equipped with a remote control for added convenience. Self impose a UTP cable to the UTP tongs toolkit is quick and efficiÌÇnt.

The features of the UTP Tang toolkit from our wholesale

Want to know more about the UTP Tang toolkit itself to a UTP cable laying? Below you will find a list of the features:

  • Set: pliers, cable tester, stripper, instruction
  • Suitable for 8-core wires and connectors
  • The rod is made of hard and durable magnetic steel
  • Clear display on the tester
  • Includes remote control for the tester
  • The tester works on a 9V battery (not included)
  • Leather Protective
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