Waterproof bike bag - handy bag for on bicycles


Waterproof bike bag - handy bag for on bicycles

What requirements has a proper bag for on your bicycle? Just take a look at this handy waterproof bag from our wholesale, it will probably applies to all your requirements. The thoughtful triangular shape ensures that the bag will fit on every mountain bike or other model. The attachment using Velcro on three different positions ensures that the bag will stay put, even if it’s a fast ride or a ride through tough terrain like mountain biking. That same attachment can easily be removed with a simple twist of your hand. If you like your bike for a second you can just take the bag with you. After all, this bag is mainly intended to store you precious belonging such as your wallet, phone and keys.

Order the waterproof bike bag now in our wholesale

Something which is precious needs to be stored properly. Thereby this bag is made of frim high quality which also is waterproof. The bag is also handy to use because of the big smooth zipper. This will allow you to quickly place the items in the bag and vice versa. If you want to enjoy biking more as you do now, it’s a good idea to have a proper bag with you, like this one from our wholesale. Because the design also matters we offer a bag which in merry colours so there is always one you like.

Specifications of the waterproof bike bag from our wholesale

Do you bike a lot and would you like a handy storage bag? This waterproof bike bag is a must for cyclists and mountain bikers, but also if you bike for fun or simply because you need to: this handy model is the perfect solution. A few specifications of the waterproof bike bag from our wholesale down below:

  • Triangular shape
  • Waterproof
  • Attachment using Velcro
  • Ideal for a mountain bike
  • Available in red and black
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