Weite men's watch


Weite watch for men

This men's watch from Weite is a true ornament for your wrist. A fierce clock with a stainless steel finish. The diameter of 47 mm (1,85 in) makes this fierce clock a real eye catcher. The men's watch comes in a really manly color combination of brown and black. The three decorative clocks give this men's watch a fashionable look. These refined men's watches are securely packed. The package has been made out of linen. The package provides a finishing look while protecting your watch when you're not wearing it. You can also easily take the watch with you, on a trip for example, in the package without worrying about scratches.

Order the men's watch in our wholesale

Of course the Quartz watch will show you the right time at any moment of the day and will it work flawlessly with the included battery. The watch band has a leather finish and has a width of 24 mm (0,94 in). The band fits this extraordinary watch perfectly and can de adapted to any wrist. The men's watches of Weite are a sight for sore eyes and are also perfect to buy as a gift for your partner or a good friend. This men's watch in our wholesale can be worn with a business suit or with a casual outfit. With the men's watches of Weite you'll never be too late again.

Specifications of the men's watch from our wholesale

What defines the men's watches of Weite? Here are some of the specifications of this men's watch in our wholesale:

  • Diameter: 47 mm (1,85 in)
  • Width of the band: 24 mm (0,94 in)
  • Available in darkbrown, lightbrown and black
  • Easy to adapt to your wrist
  • Fashionable and functional at the same time
  • Three clocks
  • Watch by Quartz
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