Whisky stones: for lovers of liquor


Whisky stones: for lovers of liquor

Are you are a true lover of liquor? Then whiskey will certainly not be lacked. If you like to drink it cold, but the drink takes rather pure, we really have something special for you in the wholesale: whiskey stones. Now you can really drink whiskey on the rocks without melting ice diminishes the taste of fine drink. The stones are very easy to use. Place the stone for several minutes in clean water and let them cool down for an hour in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. Thereafter, they can be used in the glass. The more stones, the faster the drink will be cooled.

Order the whisky stones now in our wholesale

Whisky stones at the bottom of the glass provide a special effect when used. They include cooling the drink while not affecting the taste. The whiskey stones have no rough edges and therefore not damage your precious glass. With the elegant velvet pouch you can really surprise guests. And speaking of surprise, this whiskey stones are of course a very special gift for a lover of liquor. These stones can also be used well with other spirits served with ice cream.

Specifications of the Whiskey stones from our wholesale

Are you a lover of liquor or are you still looking for an elegant and surprising gift? Then the whiskey stones from our wholesale is an excellent option. On the basis of the glasses and your personal taste, you can decide how much whiskey stones you do in the glass.

  • 9 whiskey stones
  • Provides a clean taste
  • Chic velvet storage pouch
  • Easy to use
  • Nice to give as a gift
  • Easy to clean
  • Also suitable for other liquor
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