Wifi doorbell / intercom


Wifi doorbell / intercom

You can find this handy wifi doorbell in our wholesale, but this door bell can do much more than warning you for visitors. This wireless door bell has many other functions. Whether you're at home or at the office it's handy to know who's at your doorstep. This wifi doorbell sports a camera which allows you to see if the person at your door is reliable or not and whether you want to open your door or not. The camera delivers high quality images during the day and night.

Order Wifi doorbell / intercom in our wholesale

The wifi doorbell in our wholesale sports a camera, wich allows you to see who's rining it before opening your door. This s perfect for when you have to leave your children at home and they're too small for a peephole. The bell also has an intercom. This doorbell can prove its use at the office also, so that you can avoid unnecessary interruptions. To top it all off the wifi doorbell in our wholesale has been equiped with a motion detector. When enabled you will be warned for unwanted visitors or surprises. The camera can be connected to your smartphone, which allows yo u to easily monitor who's ringing. The intercom allows you to for example announce to the person at the door that you're coming.

Specifications of the wifi doorbell/ intercom from our wholesale

When you get visitors or customers regularly, the intercom in our wholesale is necessary. This wifi doorbell can be easily installed and suits any situation thanks to its many different functions. Here are some specifications of the wifi doorbell in our wholesale:

  • Easy to connect to your wifi network
  • Camera with night vision
  • Image quality: 1280 x 720 p
  • Micro SD card
  • Mobile view
  • With intercom
  • H.264

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